Mailing list members are users that have registered for a certain mailing list to receive regular email messages, such as weekly newsletters. In case the program that is used to manage the list permits it, you can also include members manually, but in this case such email messages may be thought of as being unsolicited and reported as spam by the recipients. Typically, these mailing list members can unsubscribe from a mailing list by clicking a hyperlink in the email messages they receive, or you, as the mailing list administrator, can manually remove them in case they request this or if you decide that some of the members should not be part of the mailing list any longer. Each member will see only their address in the "To" section of the email messages they receive, but not the addresses of the remaining mailing list members.

Mailing List Members in Cloud Website Hosting

In case you’ve got a cloud website hosting on our leading-edge cloud platform, you’ll be able to set up Internet mailing lists and to administer their subscribers without difficulty. We use a powerful application called Majordomo, which comes with a ton of features and it is not a surprise that it is one of the most widely used mailing list client applications available on the market. Including or removing a mailing list member is unbelievably easy – you will just have to send an email with a certain word in the message body to, which suggests that you don’t even need to sign into the Hepsia Control Panel. In the very same way, you can also view all current subscribers for any list that you set up. Should you chance upon any problems, you can examine the educational articles that we’ve included in the Email Manager section of the hosting Control Panel or you can contact our client support staff, which will be available to you 24x7x365.